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The function would then place a marker at that point, and create a single-line text object next to it, containing the x and y coordinates of the point expressed relative to the active User Coordinate System (UCS). ^ "VBA support in AutoCAD 2011". AutoCAD". Khi ng phn mm autocad ln G lnh ap => Enter gi hp thoi Load/Unload Application Click vo th Contents ri chn ti ng dn C/Program file/Autocad/Supprt ri chn ti Lisp cn load. ; The is how you can do a PGP file reinitialization (reload)awing template file used by QNEW ;;; (ax:GetQnewPath) (defun ax:GetQnewPath (/ prof key) (setq prof (vla-get-ActiveProfile (vla-get-profiles (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-Acad-Object))))) (setq key (strcat "HKEYCURRENTUSER" (vlax-product-key) "Profiles" prof "General")) (vl-registry-read key "QnewTemplate") ) ;;; Set the drawing template file used by QNEW ;;; This writes it to the registry but is later dismissed and overwritten by AutoCAD ;;; (ax:SetQnewPath "M:CADACADISO.DWT") (defun ax:SetQnewPath (QnewPath / prof key) (setq prof (vla-get-ActiveProfile (vla-get-profiles (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-Acad-Object))))) (setq key (strcat "HKEYCURRENTUSER" (vlax-product-key) "Profiles" prof "General")) (vl-registry-write key "QnewTemplate" QnewPath) ) ;; Gets current template (getenv "QnewTemplate") "c:my filestemplatesqnew.dwt" and ;; Sets a different template (setenv "QnewTemplate" "") . turn off suggestions "}]},"inputSelector":"#messageSearchField89bc34d90dcdfc","redirectToItemLink":false,"url":"/t5/forums/forumtopicpage.searchform.messagesearchfield.messagesearchfield:autocomplete?t:ac=board-id/130/thread-id/310145&t:cp=search/contributions/page","resizeImageEvent":"LITHIUM:renderImages"}); LITHIUM.AutoComplete({"options":{"triggerTextLength":0,"loadingText":"Searching.","emptyText":"No Matches","successText":"Results:","defaultText":"Enter a search word","disabled":false,"footerContent":[{"scripts":"nnLITHIUM.AjaxSupport.fromLink('#disableAutoComplete89bc34d9455bc9', 'disableAutoComplete', '#ajaxfeedback89bc34d90dcdfc0', 'LITHIUM:ajaxError', {}, '', 'ajax');","content":"turn off suggestions "}]},"inputSelector":"#messageSearchField89bc34d90dcdfc0","redirectToItemLink":false,"url":"/t5/forums/forumtopicpage.searchform.tkbmessagesearchfield.messagesearchfield:autocomplete?t:ac=board-id/130/thread-id/310145&t:cp=search/contributions/page","resizeImageEvent":"LITHIUM:renderImages"}); 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"POINT") 7 (cons 10 (trans pnt 1 0)) 8 ) 9 ) 10 (entmake 11 (list 12 '(0 . Command: AP 2.


(optional). Nhng iu khng mong mun l c load lisp autocad th n bo li khng dng c hay mi ln tt autocad i ri khi ng li th li phi load lisp autocad ln na mi dng c. CADViet forum → AutoCAD → AutoLisp Javascript b v hiu Javascript b v hiu, mt vi chc nng s khng hot ng. AutoLISP FAQ . 3. Visual LISP technology is a tool for code creation in the AutoCAD software application. Sau khi load xong. Retrieved 14 April 2014. acad.lspInstruction on the usage of acad.lsp acaddoc.lspInstruction on the usage of acaddoc.lsp accdist.lsp Accumulate distances AecExportToAutoCAD.lsp Read and write the settings thatAecExportToAutoCAD and the like command uses AECObjectsExplodeOptions.lsp Read and write the settings in the"Explode AEC Objects" dialog box when using command AecObjExplode AreaM.lspCalculates the total area of selected objects areaOfObject.lsp Returns the area of selected object AreaText.lsp Select a polyline and where to place the text for the area AttDefToMText.lspConvert Attribute definitions to MText AttDefToText.lspConvert Attribute definitions to Text axBlock.LSP Generic block and attribute AutoLISP functions axCreateVP.LSP Creation of viewports using AutoLISP axInsert.lsp Example of inserting a block with ActiveX in modelspace backgroundchanger.lspChange the background color back and forth BlockToXref.lspConvert Blocks to Xrefs BOMLengths.lsp Get the accumulated sum length of multiple objects CAOLinkTemplates.lspCreate/delete Link Templates using CAO ChangeNoPlottableLayers.LSP move all entities from layers that are notplottable to layer defpoints dimlinechange.lspChanges selected line on a dimension to current layer DisplayColorProperties.lspMiscellaneous commands related to Colorson the Display tab on the Options dialog DisplayProperties.lspMiscellaneous commands related to the Displaytab on the Options dialog DLF.lsp Delete AutoCAD layer filters GetPlotDevices.lspGeneric plot setting functions to getplot styles and plotters available getvpscale.lspGet Viewport Scale in active viewport or in selected HatchMove.lspMoves the startpoint/snapbase for selected hatchesbase points independently HATCHB.LSPRecreates hatch boundary by selecting a hatch HatchBase.lspChange the hatch base point on one or many hatches historylines.lspChange the number of command history lines insrot.lsp2 versions of Insert block with attribute rotated to specified angle JTBTitleBar.lspChange the title bar of the AutoCAD application layer-list.LSPLayer list to file layer-lw-list.LSPLayer and lineweight list is created as a drawing layers-erase.LSPErase all layers that are frozen or off layer-state.LSPList layers according to state layer-toggle-freeze.lsptoggle the freeze state of layer andregens only the objects on the layer LayoutsToDwgs.lspCreates separate drawings of all layouts lengthOfObject.lspReturns the length or the perimeter of selected object LengthText.lspSelect an object with a length andwhere to place the text for the length linetype.LSPLoad linetype and check for existence of specified linetype mpt.lsp Midpoint of 2 or 3 points osnapz reactor to change colors when osnapz changes pagesetup.lspMiscellaneous routines related to Page Setup PersonalMtextSymbols.lspAdd personal mtext symbols in theright click menu in the mtext editor pljoinfuzz.lspJoins lines, arcs and polylines using a fuzz distance PlotDevicesFunctions.lspMiscellaneous Plot Devices Functions plotdialog.lspForce Plot dialog by lisp profiles.lspMiscellaneous profile commands ProjectPaths.lspProject path functions including export to file Purge-Point.lspKills all POINT 5 vent-objects and V50-dictionaries purger.lspVarious purge functions with no command line echo PurgeReconciledLayers.LSPPurge all information aboutreconciled layers in the drawing remicons.lspRemoves the icons Buzzsaw, RedSpark, Point Aand FTP in Open dialog box SOpen.lspOpen command that works for all cases independent on SDI supportPaths.lspSave and loads support paths to a text file TextFunctions.lspChange all text styles on all objects to named text style TextHeight.lspText is resized based on the justification point tsh0.lspSet all text style's height to 0 txtRot.lspRotate selected text objects to specified angle viewportcenter.LSPGet the viewport center coordinates viewsIO.LSPExport and import views VPlayers.lspSave, load and restore frozen viewport layers from file andmatch from one viewport to another vp-outline.LSPCreates a polyline in modelspace that has theoutline of the selected viewport vpsel.lspSelect all visible objects in selected or active paperspace viewport XrefRename.lspRename xref and update path XrefRepath.lspRepath xrefs to use relative paths instead of absolute paths. After that, its development was neglected by Autodesk in favor of more fashionable development environments like VBA, .NET and ObjectARX.


Nh anh em gip nh! Thanks! 0 Tr ln trn #19 yeuvietnam yeuvietnam bit v circle Members 36 Bi vit im nh gi: -3 (bnh thng) gi 28 February 2015 - 02:57 PM cho em hi v lisp cad i cht: c phi tt c cc lisp cad u c th thc hin c bng cc lnh c sn trn AUtocad ca Autodesk 0 Tr ln trn #20 Nguyen Hoanh Nguyen Hoanh bit lnh adcenter Moderator 4105 Bi vit im nh gi: 4479 (nh cao) gi 28 February 2015 - 04:22 PM Cha hiu cu hi ca bn, Nu bn hi: c phi tt c cc lisp cad u c th thc hin c bng cc lnh c sn trn AUtocad ca Autodesk (b ch c bng) Tr li: Phi. References[edit]. %d bloggers like this:. Hm nay em xin cc bc ch gio gip em cht . hic, cm n Anh(Ch) nhiu nha, em mun hi t na l, em s dng lnh ng sau nh Anh(Ch) hng dn nhng khng c c , nhng khi em thay i ch "TG" thnh "XUAN" li c (em dng lisp cng tng cc line) hix. * Lu li ng dn file sau mi ln load Bn hy check vo Add to History, t ln sau bn ch cn click tn file lisp t bng History list. Tm ti dng code c cc k t sau y:(defun c:*******)Cc k t ng sau c: chnh l tn lnh ca lisp .Bn hy nhp cc k t ny vo dng command ca CAD ri nhn enter, lm thoe nhng g hin ln mn hnh l ok.Lisp chy xong.H h h,. Contents 1 Features 2 History 3 Examples 4 References 5 External links . Em xin c b List ca cc bc trong din n, nhng v kh nng cn hn ch nn cha th s dng c, rt mong cc bc ai bit ch gip em vi , em xin chn thnh cm n /c mail ca em: hoc 0968130499, rt mong nhn c s ch gio ca cc bc . ; AutoLISP function to convert degrees to radians (defun dtr (a) (* pi (/ a 180.0)) ) ; AutoLISP function to convert radians to degrees (defun rtd (r) (* 180.0 (/ r pi)) ) ; Example on how to remove the last element or item in a list (setq lst '(1 2 3 4)) (setq lst (reverse (cdr (reverse lst)))) ; result is (1 2 3) ; Example on how to right rotate a list 1 step (setq lst '(1 2 3 4)) (setq lst (append (list (last lst)) (reverse (cdr (reverse lst))))) ; result is (4 1 2 3) ; Example on how to left rotate a list 1 step (setq lst '(1 2 3 4)) (setq lst (append (cdr lst) (list (car lst)))) ; result is (2 3 4 1).


.. As of January 31, 2014, Autodesk no longer supports versions of VBA older than 7.1. ^ "AutoCAD LT vs. Retrieved 14 April 2014. BI LIN QUAN.Ri i tng theo ng dn trong autocadLisp autocad in nhiu bn v cng lcLisp o tng chiu di cc on thng trong autocad Bi trc: Thit lp ng o kch thc Dimension Bi tip theo: Text trong autocad v hng dn s dng Bi ng mi Quan ly va xut ban ve vi layout trong autocad phn 2 Quan ly va xut ban ve vi layout trong autocad Autocad bi treo khi khi ng Lnh trong layout cua autocad nn bit s dung Ty l ban ve trong khung layout cua autocad Layout trong autocad va mt s lnh thng dung nn bit Li khng chon c i tng trong autocad Lam nhe autocad tng tc khi ve Ban ve autocad li khng m c Autocad trn Facebook Gii thiu Cho mng n vi Blog c nhn ca Thnh ng, ni mi ngi s tm thy thng tin v ti liu phc v cho vic hc v s dng phn mm Autocad v mt s phn mm vn phng khc! T kha ni dungAutocad Autocad lisp Bi Ging Video Excel ng dng Kho bn v Th Vin Th Thut Bnh lun mi nhtTin quang trong H s bn v chung c y Thinh Dong trong Lisp ct DIM trong autocad trong Lisp ct DIM trong autocad Tr gip nhanh Nu bn cn tr gip trong vic tm hiu Autocad hay cc vn chung v Autocad. Sau load ln dng. 888d446efb

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