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Brazilian Constitution Of 1988 Pdf Free

Brazilian Constitution Of 1988 Pdf Free

brazilian constitution of 1988 pdf free


Brazilian Constitution Of 1988 Pdf Free >> http://shurll.com/bu5ff



























































This title establishes the Social Security system, Public Health system, Public Pension system, among regulations concerning education, culture, science and technology, and sports policies. The Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: Constituio da Repblica Federativa do Brasil) is the supreme law of Brazil. [2] Title 1 is devoted to the fundamental principles of the Republic. The Supreme Federal Court has ruled that this omission of the protection of God was not unconstitutional since the preamble of the constitution is simply an indication of principles that serves as an introduction to the constitutional text and reflects the ideological conceptions of the legislator, falling within the scope of political ideology and not of the Law. Main article: History of the Constitution of Brazil. References[edit]. Adequate use of available natural resources and preservation of the environment.


It provides the framework for the organization of the Brazilian government and for the relationship of the federal government to the states, to citizens, and to all people within Brazil. One of the most important excerpts from this title is in Article 1, single paragraph, stating:. Title 2 states the Fundamental Safeguards.[3]. Title 3[edit]. Breaking with the authoritarian logic of the previous Constitution, it made unbailable crimes those of torture and of actions directed against the democratic state and the constitutional order, thus creating constitutional devices to block coups d'tat of any kind. Title 4[edit]. (Portuguese) (full text) Constituio da Repblica Federativa do Brasil (English) (full text - English translation by the Chamber of Deputies) Constitution of Brazil . It is the foundation and source of the legal authority underlying the existence of Brazil and the federal government of Brazil. This section comprises the base of the Republic, stating the States, the cities and the Federal District as the indissoluble constituents of the Union.


The constitution requires the Brazilian government to "expropriate for the purpose of agrarian reform, rural property that is not performing its social function." (Article 184) According to Article 186 of the constitution, the social function is performed when rural property simultaneously meets the following requirements: Rational and adequate use. We, the representatives of the Brazilian People, assembled in the National Constituent Assembly to institute a Democratic State for the purpose of ensuring the exercise of social and individual rights, liberty, security, well being, development, equality and justice as supreme values of a fraternal, pluralist and unprejudiced society, based on social harmony and committed, in the internal and international spheres, to the peaceful solution of disputes, promulgate, under the protection of God, this Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil. External links[edit]. Title 5[edit]. Compliance with the provisions which regulate labor relations. Title 8 disposes about the social order. Title 6 comprises the Taxation and the nation's Budget. The text reads:[1]. Title 8[edit].


Exploitation which favors the well-being of the owners and workers. Contents 1 Overview 2 History 3 Preamble 4 Title 1 5 Title 2 6 Title 3 7 Title 4 8 Title 5 9 Title 6 10 Title 7 11 Title 8 12 Title 9 13 References 14 External links . Such title disposes on tax distribution among the Union components and their competencies, and the Nation's budget. Brazil This article is part of a series on the politics and government of Brazil Executive President (list) Michel Temer Vice President Vacant Cabinet Attorney General of the Union National Defense Council Federal institutions Legislative Federal Senate Chamber of Deputies Court of Accounts of the Union Judiciary Supreme Court Superior Court of Justice Superior Labor Court Supreme Electoral Court Superior Military Court National Justice Council Law Constitution (history) Anti-discrimination Human rights LGBT rights Administrative divisions States State governors State Senators Municipalities Recent elections General: 2010 2014 next Referendums: 1993 2005 Political parties Foreign relations Other countries Atlas Politics portal v t e . ^ [1] ^ "Brazil 1988 (rev. The preamble to the Federal Constitution is a brief introductory statement that sets out the guiding purpose and principles of the document. It also establishes three independent, harmonic branches (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) and lists the nations's main goals.


This title rules the deployment of the armed forces, the national security baselines, and declaration of state of siege. Title 2[edit]. Retrieved on 2011-10-13. Title 9[edit]. The mention of God in the preamble of the Constitution (and later on the Brazilian currency) was opposed by most leftists as incompatible with freedom of religion because it does not recognise the rights of polytheists (like the Amerindians) or atheists. 24365d85ca

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